What makes CodePure stand out from other businesses in their industry is their combination of founder expertise, innovation-driven approach, holistic services, dedication to excellence, customization, focus on security, global reach, and commitment to continuous learning. These factors collectively make CodePure a unique and valuable partner for businesses seeking IT solutions and technology support.

Our Services

Advanced and Custom WordPress/PHP solutions

- API Integration
- Full Stack Coding experience
- Advanced SEO insights
- E-commerce Professional Advice and Development
- Third Party Integrations
- Custom Plugin Development
- Custom Themes
- Bots
- and More

Delivering advanced and custom WordPress solutions is unwavering. Whether it’s through API integration, full-stack coding, SEO optimization, e-commerce support, third-party integrations, custom plugins and themes, or innovative bots, our goal is to empower your WordPress site to reach new heights of functionality and user engagement. Whatever your vision for your WordPress project, we’re here to turn it into a reality.

External and Internal Full Scope IT Related Support

- Cybersecurity Knowledge and protocol implementation
- Technical Support (available 24/7 on demand)
- ISO Compliance
- Data Security
- System Administration
- Microsoft Office 365
- CRM Management

Our commitment to providing external and internal full-scope IT support is unwavering. From cybersecurity and technical support to ISO compliance, data security, system administration, Microsoft Office 365 management, and CRM support, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to bolster your IT infrastructure. Whatever your IT-related needs may be, our expertise and dedication are here to ensure your organization’s success.

Custom Web Apps & Software

- Full Stack Development Expertise
- Custom Web Applications
- Integrations
- Software Solutions (Bespoke)
- Bots
- Artificial Intelligence

Characterized by full-stack expertise, custom-tailored solutions, seamless integrations, bespoke software, cutting-edge bots, and the integration of artificial intelligence. We’re dedicated to delivering digital solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, helping your organization thrive in the digital age. Whatever your vision for your web app or software, we’re here to bring it to life with precision and innovation.

Branding and Business Presence

- Website Design services
- Graphic Design
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Industry Research (with Analytics)
- Social Media Setup and Management
- Google Services Setup

Our branding and business presence services encompass website design, graphic design, SEO, industry research with analytics, social media setup and management, and Google services setup. We’re dedicated to helping your business make a strong, memorable impression in the digital landscape, drive organic traffic, and engage with your audience effectively. With our expertise and commitment, your brand will flourish and leave a lasting mark in the ever-evolving world of business.

Emails and Hosting

- Website Domains
- Website and Email Hosting
- Server Management
- Technical Support

Our email and hosting services encompass domain registration, website and email hosting, server management, and responsive technical support. Whether you need a new domain, reliable hosting, secure server management, or assistance with technical challenges, we are dedicated to providing you with the essential infrastructure and support to maintain a strong online presence and ensure the smooth functioning of your digital operations.

Hardware and Procurement

- Organisational and Personal Hardware Procurement
- Installation and Setup of Hardware
- PC Builds
- Server Configuration and Setup
- IT Support (call-outs)

Our hardware and procurement services encompass organizational and personal hardware procurement, installation and setup of hardware, custom PC builds, server configuration and setup, and responsive IT support. We are committed to providing you with the hardware solutions and technical expertise needed to ensure that your technology infrastructure runs smoothly, both for organizations and individuals alike.

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