At CodePure, we excel in turning innovative ideas into reality.

This includes creating Advanced WordPress solutions with services like API Integration, Full Stack Coding Expertise, and Advanced SEO Insights. We also provide E-commerce Professional Advice and Development, Third-Party Integrations, Custom Plugin Development, Custom Themes, Bots, and more.

Our Founders

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Nico Nicolaisen, Co-Founder

Nico is an inspiring leader with a wide range of technical skills and visionary approaches to client requirement resolution.


Ruhan Kleynhans, Co-Founder

Ruhan finds peace with design and making the most out of client requirements and their web needs. He is a quiet but dedicated leader.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and ensuring the job is executed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure we give our clients accurate estimates, whether that be costs involved, or timelines. Each project will require it’s own amount of love and nurture, thus, giving a price would be hard for us. We’d prefer you reach out to us on and we can get back with what works with US and YOU.

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to implementing your idea is completely normal. That’s where we help. You can book a consultation via our Contact Page or reach out to us on

You can then run us through your project and we can plan how we can turn it into a functioning project.

Yes, of course. We understand that businesses simply do not have large sums of money laying around for complex development. We offer different payment plans and agreements to ensure we can accommodate everyone, whether that be a business OR individual. Just say hi?

Yes, we offer domains to all our clients. Basic rates will be R149-99 per year for a domain and R349-99 for a .com domain per year.

Yes, we do!

We have helped more than 25 brands to get an unique and exciting look for their business. We also offer full corporate identity packages that includes everything you need for an affordable price.

While most companies prefer in-house IT teams, CodePure has seen an influx of organisations looking to outsource their IT related processes as a way of searching for professionals in their field.

What we offer is a remote and dedicated IT technician(s) to ensure your business and IT processes flow the way they should. We also ensure that all data and company information is guarded with the latest technology.

If you have a website or looking to get a website – we highly encourage you to invest in SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation enhances your chances of being seen by a potential client on the Google Search pages. With the right and research and industry-based keywords, you can take advantage of the Google Search Engine.
And we can help!

About the company

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CodePure is more than just a company; it’s a team of dedicated IT experts driven by a singular goal: getting it right and doing it right. With a commitment to excellence, we’ve quickly grown into a formidable team of five professionals. Our range of services extends beyond WordPress solutions to encompass a holistic IT support system. We offer Cybersecurity Knowledge and Protocol Implementation, 24/7 Technical Support, ISO Compliance, Data Security, System Administration, Microsoft Office 365, and CRM Management. We are your trusted partner in safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring seamless operations.

In addition to IT support, we specialize in crafting Custom Web Apps & Software solutions. Our expertise covers Full Stack Development, Custom Web Applications, Integrations, Bespoke Software Solutions, Bots, and Artificial Intelligence. We harness the power of technology to streamline your processes and enhance your business performance.

Furthermore, CodePure is your go-to destination for branding and online presence enhancement. Our services include Website Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Industry Research with Analytics, Social Media Setup and Management, and Google Services Setup. We’re here to help you create a compelling digital identity that captivates your audience.

Lastly, we offer complete hosting and hardware solutions. Whether it’s Website Domains, Website and Email Hosting, Server Management, or Technical Support, we have you covered. Our Hardware and Procurement services encompass Organizational and Personal Hardware Procurement, Installation and Setup of Hardware, PC Builds, Server Configuration and Setup, and On-Demand IT Support.

At CodePure, we are not just IT professionals; we are your dedicated technology partners, ready to transform challenges into opportunities. Join us on a journey of innovation, reliability, and excellence. Our aim is to provide a ONE-STOP shop for your Tech needs.